My weekend Inspiration

Its been a while since I last wrote something down. That however does not mean the writer in me is dead. This post has been inspired by a children’s party I went to over the weekend. I stay in a small suburb called Busega. I was forced to go to a neighbour’s son’s graduation party. It’s funny how nowadays children get such opportunities as early as nursery school. Well, this was a boy who had just completed his nursery school level and is hoping to join primary school level next year.

I was invited to take a few pictures of the ceremony by his mother, thanks to my Android phone. While there however, I was surprised to see that the school has both nursery and primary levels and just a staff of not more than ten people. Well, their primary level is up to P3 but still…. NO!

However today’s post is not about the number of pupils or teachers at this small school. It is about how far some people go to ensure that they get good education. In this school, I noticed that most of the parents around were aged 24-30. they were really happy for their children and seemed really mindful of their children’s education. Seeing such young parents trying their best to secure a bright future was a good scene to watch. As I was still contemplating on this, I saw the school director walk up front to give her congratulatory speech to the pupils. What she said really blew my mind away. She was a woman who had dropped out of school when in her senior two. Being a woman, her destiny to many seemed to be in a man’s house with 8-10 children but that was not her vision. She kept on doing odd jobs here and there from time to time. She really wanted to go back to school and complete her studies for she knew that a girl without education is worthless. Yes! Worthless. She was a really hardworking lady. It was not until she was thirty when she got a chance to go back to school. At thirty years, most people would feel that they are old to pursue their dreams. Not for this lady. She went back to senior two, completed her UCE certificate and went on to do her UACE certificate. At about 38 years of age, she made it to university and did her degree. Now at 48 years, all that is just a story of her life. I was greatly inspired by her narrative and wished everybody, man or woman, has a heart of steel like this lady. Now she was director of a chain of schools, this school being the newest of the chain. It is just beginning but according to her leadership skills, I guarantee that it will be a big school in 10 years.

something else I saw that made me smile was an old lady. She was not just an old lady. She was also grandmother of one of the celebrants of the day, a small girl. This old lady would bring her granddaughter every single morning and fetch her every single evening. Old as she was, and probably illiterate, she knew that education was the best foundation for this small girl.

I could go on and on about what made me happy that day but I have limited time to say everything I want to say and it seems I should stop here. However, I tell you the same thing the Director said to all of us who were there that day, “It is not the rich that educate their children, but the people who sacrifice.”

Nice Sunday.






Accio wand…. Accio broom!

Expecto Patronum. EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!!!!!

Today is the tenth time I have watched the Harry Potter movie. Tenth time for Chrissakes. If there is a fiction movie that needs to take an Oscar for turning me into a child, harry Potter is that movie.

And if you think the movie was good, my dear, do not be fooled. You should try reading the book sequels. They are much better than any romantic novel I have ever tried reading (All, apart from the Jackie Collins’ Santagelo book sequels). I was first introduced to the Harry Potter craze when I was in my Senior two. Ever since then, I  have read or watched Harry Potter grow into a man in a seemingly real magical world now and again. Whoever gave Ms Rowling the idea of a magical school in which the good and evil met to perfect their abilities must have the base of the Oscar accolade too.

That is one reason why am writing this post. The good and evil characters of Harry Potter.

You (Of course, the Harry Potter fans only) must agree with me that no one liked Professor Severus Snape. From the time we joined Hogwarts School Of witchcraft and Wizardry with our three little friends to the time we decided to change our minds about him (That is, if we ever decided to). To me, I must admit, he was the first HP character that made it to my hate-list. All through year one, two, three and so on… The way Prof Snape sneaked up on Harry, the way he wanted so bad to be the ‘Defence against Dark Arts’ teacher, The way he looked at Harry… Oh! That eye. (I must say I still salute Alan Rickman for the perfect act… May his soul RIP). Let alone the way he helped Malfoy’s mum in the sixth year. And the last stroke on the Carmel’s back, was the when he killed my most beloved headmaster- Prof Dumbledore. It was this final act that actually made me shed my first tear while watching a movie. Yes! I had gotten so close to Dumbledore that when he died, I did not eat any food at home for at least seven hours. The only question sounding in my head  was WHY??

Why had Snape betrayed his boss? Why hadn’t the great Dumbledore noticed anything peculiar in the way Snape behaved? Why hadn’t Voldemort been killed by Dumbledore yet? Why hadn’t Ronald kissed Hermione yet? Alright, am kidding about the last one. These questions are the only reason J.K. Rowling sold a book more in Africa. That book she gave the title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

For me, The Seventh year at Hogwarts was a year of answers. So much of what had happened prior to that year was all explained. That is when I knew that I had got it all wrong. Everything about Prof. Severus Snape. Too bad I understood his motives after his death. He changed from my worst character to my almost best character in the Harry Potter books. I learnt not to hate people until I knew something about why they did certain things. The answers usually come after their death but its worth waiting before you judge. Well, at least it applies to Severus. The twist in the novel is the most interesting though. Hagrid guarded Harry Potter, Prof McGonagall did the same, Prof Lupin tried, Sirius Black also did and Prof Dumbledore did too. However, for all the years Harry spent at Hogwarts, No one did protect him better than Prof Severus Snape. No one. The way he risked his life for Harry. The way he tried to make him tough… tough enough to match the great He Who Must Not Be- Arrgh crap!! Only Snape managed to fool the flat nosed wizard! And he pulled it off. All for the sake of Harry.FB_IMG_1453041714359

Well, at least until he got himself killed.

AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ability Vs Profitability

… I sit and down and start thinking to myself, “Do people have to be really this naive?” I seem to never understand why even the learned Ugandans never have an ounce of intelligence when it comes to politics. My phone buzzes. Surely one of the bored members in one of the numerous Whats-app groups that I am a part. I think this app should notify me before I am added to any of these groups. Surely, I don’t enjoy being disturbed sometimes. Especially now. “Well, maybe it is a someone I share with political views,” I think to myself as I eventually decide to check the message out. To my disappointment, Its a message that adds to the already heavy stress that I am burdened with at the moment. I immediately regret why I opened the message. It is the girl of my dreams flirting with one of the group members. However, that is a story for another day. So I immediately turn off my data and get lost again in the valley of thoughts. Here is why I am perturbed.

A few hours ago, my friend calls me up and asks me, “Hey, who are you gonna vote for?” Being the person who is a little secretive about my political views and ambitions, I tell him that am not going to cast a vote for the post of Presidency. Of course this is a lie but I don’t want to create a political enemy, at least not during these 2016 elections. But this guy was determined to keep the dialogue going. So he tells me about his original candidate and then also tells me about how he has had a change of mind. You see, this was not the problem. The real problem was what flowed out of his mouth. Apparently, Jackson (not real name) decided to change his first choice candidate because he had been given Ush 50,000 at a rally. As a nationalist, this has thrown me aback and I cannot help but wonder, how many people are being bought off by just a few shillings? It makes me feel sad and perturbs the crap out of me.

Point is, many people in Uganda are going to vote for people, not basing on ability but rather profitability. The latter doesn’t last. What you gain from these political candidates disappears immediately you get it. However, ability is what we need from the candidates. It is something that you, him, her, them and we gain from. But if we all act like Jackson, then am sorry to say that we are headed to nothing but doom!! Hope I leave a mark on someone.

For God and my country!!


Does it still matter?

When I was younger, Politics was not my kind of thing. I used to listen to the radio sometimes and hear many politicians talk their talk and like hell I was bored. Some of the ‘wonderful’ promises, even at my age, seemed very unrealistic. I would always be surprised at how those same politicians would win and nothing on their to-do-list was even started.

As I grew older, I realized that even the voters cared no more. Much had been promised by the prior political aspirants but naught was ever done. People had given up! All they cared for was a little breakfast from those who wanted power. Some voters were even willing to coerce their family members into voting for anyone who offered the highest amount of a few thousand shillings. As the say nowadays, “Abantu bakoowu”

Now that am a grown up and legally accepted to cast a vote, I keep wondering to myself, “Does my vote matter?”

Before you answer that for me, think about the many people in villages who live on less than $1 each day (and these are the majority in Uganda by the way). Think about the old folk who have seen much bloodshed and have become so comfortable in their new ‘utopia’. Think about the power-hungry politicians whose tactics in rigging votes never seems to go below average. Think about the clueless people. People who  do not know that their vote can make a change. Think about… well, is there anything else to think about?

After much thought, I am thinking to myself, “Does my vote matter?”  Does it really? How is it supposed to compete with all these lost votes?

This is all that runs through my head when I think about the 2016 #UgandaDecides period. However, as a good citizen, a former pupil with knowledge of SST, and a person who is ready for change, I will do my duty! I will pray for my country too. I know that even if it doesn’t seem so, MY VOTE MATTERS.

for God and my country…

No Love

What do you know about love? What do you call love? are you in love? Have you ever been in love? You think you are loved? ARE YOU SURE?

Dear friend, love is a mystery. It is one of those things that we have to convince ourselves that we have yet in most cases we don’t. It is simply a mirage. You always think it’s love until you reach to embrace it entirely. You get the same disappointment that a thirsty person gets when they reach the place and realize the water was just an illusion.

True love exists but it is on rare occasions that you find it. It is out there waiting to be found. It depends on how lucky you are. It also depends on how well you pray to God. Ever tried searching for small island on the entire world globe? Or tried searching for a sugar crystal in a lump of salt? That is how hard searching for the right person is. Well, I admit that there are those people who find what they seek for but a multitude of the rest of humankind reach the end of their short lifespan while still searching for the right soulmate. Being married to that guy/lady doesn’t make them the right person. Many of us end up in relationships because of the pressure of not being single. Some others cannot endure cuddling the cold pillow and so need something with a DNA similar to theirs. Well, that is what am talking about. You are with a pillow substitute but not a soulmate. Gauge your relationship. Does your partner only seem so interested in money? Sex? expensive parties? Or do they seem to like you when making appearances? Or when they need something? Or when they need a place to put up? I will leave you think about it.

Till you do, Chaooo

Waliggo Martin

I Love What I Did Last Night

Hello my dear friends. First of all, I will tell you why I keep writing these blog posts. One is that I love writing. Two is that the only way I can speak out my mind comfortably is by writing. Lastly is that I know am safe even when I write boring posts because you (Yes! you the person reading) are probably going to be the last person to read this post. How I wish many more people could read it. Especially today’s post. You do not know how special you are to be reading this post at this moment. I will go to the point straight away.

Yesterday night, I went to a Christian cell where we get to meet as young Christians and have a short session of Bible study, praise and worship. As much as most people go to such cells for the food and the relationships that can sprout from this lively gathering, there can also be a fire stirred in the soul of a wavering individual. Well, mine wasn’t for any of that since I went to participate just as a way of relaxing from my heavy load of Chemistry books.

So, immediately I stepped into the room and found out that there were only two people, I could not stand the inner joy that I felt since that meant leaving in the following twenty or so minutes. Alas! What a big lie that was! Before I realized, it was one and a half hours since I had entered the room and yet I couldn’t have dared leave the room. It wasn’t the fun that kept me put but rather th… well who am I kidding? It was fun. Not bad fun, but good fun. For the first time in many years I had understood some of those poetic words that the Bible offers to us Christians. How I wish you were there. You would have enjoyed the way my dear friends explained the evil of the tongue. I now watch what i say because I do not want to be like the thorny field that received the seeds… you know what happened to the seeds, it is not today’s story.

And so my dear friend, You could take some time and get involved in some of the church activities. They are fun. the peaceful kind of fun. Not the fun that leaves you fighting a hangover the following morning.

So i will leave it at this and go hunting for the next story for you my dear friend.

Till then, chaooo

Waliggo Martin


Dear mom,

As much as am sure you will never read this article, I will write it anyway.

You are one of the only two women I trust fully in this world. There is so much I want to do to make you feel proud of me. Sometimes I try so hard in achieving this that I end up disappointing you instead. It is never my intention and one day you will be proud of whatever I have tried to do. I am not brave enough to tell you thank you for all you have done for me. You never leave my side even when it is the only logical thing to do sometimes. I am always your baby and I know you love me so much. I want you to know that I love you too. Even though I act like  I am a hard son, I do not intend to be like that. You are my mum and the only mum I will ever have. Thank you mum

yours Sincerely

Waliggo Martin

Your son

Friend Vs Others

Usually, the person we are chasing after is chasing after somebody else too. The person they’re chasing after is also un-fruitfully in pursuit of another. This is always the case til we sit down and think about it. we all have that friend who is always there for us. That friend who will be able to support you even when you’re wrong.That friend you will feel comfortable telling that your boyfriend or girlfriend made you angry. There is always that friend who will not fear telling you that you are chasing a shadow. Or that friend who will come over to your place and have you laughing your heart out without putting tension in the air. The friend who makes sure that they eat everything edible you have in the house.

Such hugs are given by friends
Such hugs are given by friends

That is a friend that in most cases (Not all cases though) is the right person for the good health of your heart. We just never look in that direction but it is probably the right direction we should be heading. Why should you go on having numerous nerve break-downs because you are trying to make that girl or boy fall for you? If you really mean something to them, they would at least show some sympathy for all your endeavors. But here you are, trying to call him or her for the umpteenth time and and not even a text message as a reward for you toil. Here you are throwing your body into the bed of this person just so you make sure they do not leave your sorry ass. You go on numerous shopping sprees and expensive dates with them just because you think it is the only way to their hearts. That’s where we go wrong friends. Its not about the money and sex. You may think it really matters but with some time in the relationship, you will know it is not that that matters. All you need is that person that you can still hit the pillow as they watch their favorite TV show. That man you once sat with and gossiped about anything and nothing at all. That girl who could tell you that you are growing fat. Hell we all need that person who won’t become a bore just after the exchange of the matrimonial vows. Do you expect that mean looking rich guy to be your better half? Would you like it if that sizzling hot babe who you’re only dating because your friends think she is cool be the jolly friend you want her to be? Can you catch a nice comedy while eating popcorn with that partner while seated in the sofa? Or can you both have a discussion about when and who is supposed to foot the bill on one of the dates you have?

I do not need an answer for that. Its rhetorical.


Waliggo Martin


Love is for the weak.

Love is for the weak.

Love is for the weak.

Love is for the weak.

Love is for the w…

Just as i said this the 100th time, I became aware of the hand on my shoulder. The polish on the nails reminded of the times we spent arguing about the perfect color . The energy surge that ran down my spine made me realize that I was telling myself a lie. If love was for the weak, then I was weak too. Hell, I felt smothered when she flashed her white teeth every single time she laughed. Much as I thought we were not meant to be, she made it clear that we are the perfect example of meant to be. How did she make me so vulnerable? When did we reach here? I hate this feeling but then there is nothing I can do about it. The harder I try to pull out the harder I fall. She must feel the same because the way she blushes when I direct my gaze towards her is the same way a dog becomes coy after getting his bone. I feel her whole body shudder when I steal a slight touch on her smooth skin. I feel her body react to the slow kisses I offer her lips. The way she won’t let go when I hug her is the real reason I think I will die in her arms. Her beauty!! This girl is probably a descendant of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty. I do not know what you call music but to me the way she talks is the perfect music. She must have come to me in one of those falling stars. She is the real reason I believe in Love.

Sorry pal, Had a lot more to tell you but duty calls. My baby calls out to me right now. This is the best part of my relationship. *winks*

till next time


Waliggo Martin